Re-Introducing Agent Danger

This blog made its debut in 2006.  Back then I managed to write one sentence, the title of the About section:

“Who is she?”

Then I gave up, overwhelmed by the prospect of defining myself and the site’s parameters.

Six years later, I return to Agent Danger and force myself to type introductory words in the white space.  Again, there’s pressure to set the tone — light, engaging, thoughtful? — and to put forward a mission statement.

I can’t promise the Reading Public a blog theme or any sort of cohesion.  Possibly I will experiment and try out different writing styles and topics.  You might enjoy one entry and be bored with the next five.

In general, though, my goal will be to share stories about life that are worth reading.

There.  First entry complete with minimal self-fashioning angst!

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