Thank You & Welcome to New Readers

I find myself in the strange and delightful circumstance of having been Freshly Pressed — featured by WordPress!

When I first noticed the surge of new followers for my hitherto unknown blog, my initial thought was, “Aww man, it’s probably a bunch of spammers.  Spammers spamming my post about my grandfather dying.  What jerks.”

Before all this I had one or two readers, tops.  And I do not publicize the blog in any way.  So the possibility of so many new, real readers did not even cross my mind.

But then I looked more closely and saw that most of you seem to be actual people who are reading and leaving kind comments.  The hits, follows, and likes kept pouring in, and finally I found the Freshly Pressed notification.  Whoa!  My heart practically burst.

I am grateful, surprised, happy, and overwhelmed.

The best part of all this is the sense that the odd little chunk of experience I wrote about has been understood.  People from all over the world get it.

Being Freshly Pressed makes me feel less alone in the cosmic wilderness that is Life.

So thank you and welcome.  I will do my best to be worthy of the honor!

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